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Learn Beginning and Advanced Guitar with Carmen Grillo

Carmen Grilo Les PaulCarmen Grillo knows how to get you and your guitar on the same page. He has successfully taught guitar for the last 30 years, and his method appeals to almost everyone. It's simple: tell him what songs or styles you want to learn to perform, and he will help you find the fastest method to your success. Frustrations - minimized, Satisfaction - maximized.

When learning guitar, everyone comes to the table with some different abilities and preconceptions. Carmen's gift, is that he is a pro at determining where you are, and then helping you create a study technique that works for you. One teaching format does definitely not fit all, and you won't get that here with Carmen Grillo. If Carmen is not for you, he will help you find a great teacher that can get you where you want to go with a smile on your face. Come meet the man who is determined to get those guitars out of storage, and into your life with a passion... that's Carmen Grillo.

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